Acura Integra mixes nostalgia, turbo power

“A modern interpretation of the Integra line, the fifth-generation model displays trademark cues such as the embossed Integra name under the driver’s side headlight and passenger’s side taillight,” Acura said.

The Integra, designed in Japan, will be built at a Honda plant in Marysville, Ohio, alongside the redesigned TLX, marking the first time the nameplate has been produced in the U.S.

Ikeda said that in a market awash with crossovers and SUVs, the Integra would serve as an alternative — a sporty but practical five-door hatchback. Both Honda and Acura say their entry-level cars draw younger buyers and generate loyalty.

The Integra, one of two models that helped launch Acura in 1986, was originally offered as a three-door or five-door hatchback. It was later marketed as a four-door sedan.

The name lived on for three generations in North America until 2001. When the fourth-generation Integra was launched globally as a three-door coupe, the name was changed for the North American market to the RSX, which was discontinued in 2006.

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