Apple Cider Vinegar – Five Health Benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar is acidic vinegar derived from fermented apple juice. It can be used as a salad dressing, in pickles, marinated meats and vegetables, for baking purposes, and even for preserving food items. It’s made by tightly squeezing fresh apples, then filtering the juice through a strainer into a container. The resulting solution is stored in the fridge for up to six weeks. This article will look at this healthy alternative to using commercial vinegar for your cooking and baking needs.

The main benefit of apple cider vinegar (ACV) is that it reduces sugar in the body, thereby reducing sugar cravings. It also adds helpful bacteria to the digestive tract and reduces yeast infections. But does it contain yeast? And if it does, what kind should you be using?

There are many benefits to drinking apple cider vinegar. The acidity lowers cholesterol levels and reduces blood pressure. The same is true for improving heart health. Both high levels of “bad” cholesterol and low levels of “good” cholesterol are linked to cardiovascular disease. Reducing blood pressure is another great benefit.

A major benefit of apple cider vinegar is its skin barrier protecting effect. This means you can use apple cider vinegar undiluted on the skin, such as elbows, knees and feet. In fact, there are no known negative effects on the skin, contrary to what one may read on some products’ labels. For the summary cider vinegar fact sheet, see below.

Diabetics: It has been claimed that apple cider vinegar can actually lower blood sugar in diabetics. This is because it contains beneficial bacteria. The bacteria may reduce the production of “good” cholesterol. In addition, as the blood sugar decreases, the acid reflux that leads to heartburn is relieved, as well. According to the summary cider vinegar facts page, when taken with meals, it can also lower “bad” cholesterol, which in turn may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, a condition that is associated with a high amount of stomach acid.

Candida Sufferers: People with an overgrowth of candida in their body are prone to many health benefits, including acne, bloating, constipation and digestion problems. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar works to kill the candida by driving it out of the body through urine and/or stools. Since this is achieved by converting the acetic acid to carbonic acid, the drink can be helpful in alleviating symptoms and preventing recurrence. However, a side effect of drinking the vinegar is that it can also drive down the blood pressure.

Liver Patients: The health benefits of apple cider vinegar come from treating chronic liver disease. It contains antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the body that cause many health problems. In particular, they have been found to be effective in treating and preventing cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Kidney Disease: One of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar is its effect on kidney disease. If patients with kidney disease take two ounces daily, they may experience significant improvements. If you’re taking dialysis or a detoxifying kidney drug, you’ll probably find that your kidneys respond positively to the potassium, making the drink a great complement to your regime. There are several studies out there that report that patients who took the vinegar with prescription dialysis showed dramatic improvements.

Diabetics: Many people don’t realize that apple cider vinegar also has a few advantages for those with diabetes. Because it contains potassium, it helps regulate the blood sugar levels. The same goes for diabetics with hypoglycemia; the acidity of the juice can help reduce the rise in blood sugar. And, because it contains no calories, it’s a great alternative to soft drinks and energy drinks for diabetics on a weight loss diet.

Improves Skin: For people with dry skin, drinking apple cider vinegar may improve their condition. Not all varieties of vinegar contain the minerals and nutrients that improve skin. For this reason, it’s important to read the labels carefully.

All in all, the health benefits of apple cider vinegar may reduce the risk of several health conditions. It may also lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you have high blood pressure or any of the other conditions mentioned in this article, you should consider adding it to your diet. Just make sure you read the labels of brands you’re considering buying. And remember, as with most things in life – if it works for you, it probably works for everyone else too.

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