Apple Watch Series 3 Fitness Product Review

The third installment of the highly popular Apple Watch series, called the “Spring Forest Edition” comes with new features and a host of new upgrades. You can now get even more from your Watch while keeping it completely safe and updated at all times. It’s made all the more convenient by a free, automatic update feature that allows you to set your Watch to update itself without your intervention. Here’s how…

Usually, updating your apple watch series 3 without a cellular connection is a fairly simple but annoyingly long process: you just charge up your Watch to its full potential, then plug it into a USB port of your computer, and presto – the watch goes to work, sending out real-time data to your monitor via a Bluetooth connection to the computer. However, the new non-Cellular Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a much smaller 8GB of internal memory, a fraction of what the older model used, and with a less reliable interface, requiring an auto-run backup to be carried out by the user. If you want to keep your watch on, you’ve got to make sure that it always has access to the latest (and most accurate) time, or else you run the risk of losing all your data. To ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure that you don’t forget to run the backup every so often, either. The software also lacks some truly useful features such as support for MMS, Bluetooth, and GPS, so these are the features you might like to see integrated into the new watch.

A few things that don’t make the cut include: red dot, heart rate monitor, barometer, thermometer, and a not-so-fully explained menu system. I’m not sure why, but perhaps future models will offer more customizable options. The watch series 3 is also limited to the applications that are present on the iOS, so you’re basically getting an iPhone in the form of a fitness watch. This isn’t a bad thing, though, as it’s nice to be able to do some of your basic workouts on the road while driving. Overall, though, this is a great piece of fitness equipment, and one that you’re probably going to want to buy when you get your apple watch Series 3 in late January.

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