Are Earbuds Designed to Fit Better?

So, what’s all the fuss about, anyway? There are tons of people who use cheap earbuds with their in-ear hearing aids, or other gadgets, because it fits more snuggly, to their ears. It’s like wearing a little receiver, instead of an earphone, if you’re lucky. But what if you can’t get a cheap pair, because your budget doesn’t allow for that? Then you’ll need to look for some earbuds online, but is it really possible to find the best earbuds to buy from India?

Well, let’s see. For one, cheap earbuds aren’t really designed to even fit inside your ear, much less into your canal. All kinds of cheap earbuds and even the best kinds have some type of foam padding on them, which rests against the ear canal, but they’re not really designed to stay in one place. Some of them might stay in one place, but they bend and wiggle from side to side, while others just fall out. Also, most models only have a few small speakers on them, which are used interchangeably with the tiny little microphones that sit inside your earbuds. Most models simply have some rubber tips on them to rest against your ear, which can give your headphones great sound quality, but they also make the cheap earbuds prone to “banging” against the sides of your head.

But that’s what you want, right? You want a nice big set of speakers right there in your ear so that you can hear your music with better clarity and bass. If you can’t get a decent fit with your cheap earbuds, you’re going to be able to tell when they don’t stay put, and when they start to slide around. Earbuds that don’t stay put can’t produce good sound, so even though it may look like your headphones are working, you’re going to be missing out on good music.

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