Audio-Technica AT2035 review

Audio-technica AT2035 Review:


With the AT2035, solid condenser microphone quality is definitely emphasized. Sometimes cheap microphones in this price range are too bright and boisterous, but not the AT2035. In fact, the AT2035 sounds surprisingly good, and while I haven’t gotten used to its boomy sound yet, that will happen.


Like many of the highly-rated small condenser microphones on the market, the Audio-Technica AT2035 has a tendency to produce a squeaky, distorted sound when picking up the bass and mid-tones. Fortunately, this is not common, and the unit is still otherwise pretty accurate. In fact, it’s surprisingly good in this regard, despite the distorted sound quality. In addition, the size of the microphone makes it perfect for recording, since the tiny capsules hold enough sound for a great deal of feedback.


The audio-technica at2035 review also tries to put the value-added feature of a programmable interface between the mic and computer in the same sentence as saying the unit is “programmable.” This is a great feature, and one that I wish more small condenser mics had. But sometimes things are built to last, and this is one example where the Audio-Technica AT2035 works better than many others in the same price range. There really isn’t anything else that comes close to it.


In this section of the Audio-Technica AT2035 review, we look at two different ways to mount these mics. The first involves attaching the unit to your backpack or belt with a set of nylon screws. This is probably a good option if you want versatility, since it allows you to use it in different places and different situations. However, on a professional level, you’re unlikely to want this method of mounting, as it will likely produce far less reliable results. For best results, you should consider using the supplied mounting bracket.


This is another section where we delve into just what the Audio-Technica AT2035 can do, both in terms of its features and its price range. In the at 2021 sections, we’ll take a closer look at the AT2035’s ability to handle loud, DI recordings, and compare it to other popular diaphragm mikes like the Shure SMiFi. Finally, we’ll look at one more potential problem with the AT2035 – the fact that it isn’t as lightweight as some other models in its price range. To help you decide whether the AT2035 is worth the cost, check out the section where we compare other diaphragm mikes in both price range and weight.

Pads and Knobs:

One final thing we need to discuss in this Audio-Technica AT2035 review is how the company sets the pad and knob levels on their mikes. You can choose between two modes – ‘flat response’ and ‘self-noise’. With flat response, the mid/level markers are clearly visible, so the actual tonal balance of the song is improved. With self-noise, you can adjust levels manually, but this mode is less forgiving if the result is overly-dynamic or flat. Weighing in on the issue of flat response vs. self-noise, we rate the AT2035s highly in both areas.

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