Beats vs Bose Headphones.

In-ears Vs Over-ears:

what to lookout for. If you’re looking for better quality sound than you could probably think that you have to spend upwards of a grand on top-of the range headphones from Bose or Beats. But, earlier this year we’ve discovered that much often is not the case, particularly for in-ears. There are plenty of fantastic headphones on the market without breaking the bank – and some of these are surprisingly affordable, too. What should you look out for?

How good are the batteries?

In-ears can be a bit of a drain on batteries – particularly if you spend a lot of time on the earphones themselves. In-ears also tend to drain batteries more quickly than active noise cancellation headphones because they aren’t designed with such a large battery reserve. But all told, an in-ear pair of wireless headphones usually give you around twice as long as their over-ears rivals. That’s definitely something to bear in mind.

What about the powerful bass sounds?

One of the things that makes Bose QuietComfort 35 such a popular choice with audiophiles is its powerful bass response. Many reviews have praised the impressive bass impact of this model of headphones. In fact, many of the reviews written about Beats vs Bose sound remarkably similar to one another when talking about their ability to create strong, impacting bass.

How easy is it to use?

We’re used to large, heavy headphones that can really take our attention away from the music itself. With a pair of these big cans, we find ourselves preferring to use them to listen to music instead of driving or performing an exercise routine. It’s no wonder that many people prefer Beats vs Bose over other brands, particularly those that are smaller and lighter like the Philips and Sennheiser. Even though size certainly matters with these two brands, it’s not the only factor that should matter.

Do these headphones work well with the type of music I’m listening to?

This ultimately depends on what you prefer. If, for example, your tastes lie more towards jazz, rock or classical music, you’ll likely be more pleased with the bass impact of the Beats model line. If you enjoy the danceable tones and melodies of DJs and musicians, though, the in-ears from Bose may be just what you’re looking for to keep you comfortable while rocking out.

How is the sound quality of Bose earphones compared to other premium headphones models?

Like most premium headphones, the sound produced by Beats is quite stellar. Bose has also invested a lot of time and money into making their earphones perfectly suited to their listeners, resulting in a noticeable difference between the earphones and other competing brands. If you’re looking for high-quality sound with an exceptional level of bass impact, nothing beats the Beats model line. In fact, the bass impact is so good, some friends of mine swear by wearing the in-ears straight through their head phones while they’re watching TV!

Finally, does the Beats model line include a built-in charging case?

Many in-ear headphone brands don’t include a built-in charging case, and often times, those cases can get lost, misplaced or damaged. This makes connecting your battery-powered headphones to your iPod or iPhone a bit of a pain, unless you have a charging case with you at all times. With the brand, there’s no need for a charging case because your headphones are designed to seamlessly charge your iPod or iPhone when you need them most. The charging case is also highly portable, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. A charging base is also highly useful because it makes your iPod or iPhone fully ready to go in case you lose your headphone along the way.

In short, the Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ears is a well-rounded model from bose, which includes great quality for an affordable price. Its stylish styling and superior audio quality to ensure that you never miss a beat when you’re listening to it, regardless of where you may be. Bose has produced a fantastic range of products, which includes over-the-ears, in-ears, in-car, Bluetooth, and wireless headphones. So, if you’re in the market for a new set of headphones that gives you excellent audio quality and a number of unique features, the Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ears is certainly worth taking a look at.

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