BMW iX launch date, price and specs announced

BMW has released the specifications of its all-electric iX , which has an expected launch date of November 2021 and prices beginning at PS69,905.

The brand new BMW iX marks a novel chapter of the BMW brand. the completely electric Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) being the first vehicle built on the new modular and scalable toolkit that the next generation of the BMW Group will be constructed. It was designed from the beginning to provide solely electric mobility and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

The BMW iX launches later this year, the range of models will include the BMW iX xDrive50 with a combined output of 523hp, and an estimated range of 338 miles (WLTP) and the BMW iX xDrive40 that produces 326hp and can reach 257 miles on one charge. Both models are fitted with an advanced all-wheel-drive system that makes the iX the first all-wheel-drive electric vehicle made by BMW.

The fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology fitted in the BMW iX is centered around an electric drive unit that connects electricity, motors, as well as transmission into a single enclosure. The highly integrated topology of the electric drive system can improve the efficiency and power density as well in making the best use of the installation space that is the space between the rear and front axles.

The two motors of the BMW iX work according to the principles of an electrically stimulated synchronous motor, in which the rotor’s rotor is stimulated is caused by the feeding-in of electrical energy, not permanent magnets that are fixed.

5th generation BMW eDrive technology also includes the latest high-voltage battery that is equipped with state-of-the-art cells for the battery. Its energy density at the volumetric cell level has increased by 40% when as compared to the high-voltage batteries that will be included in 2020’s BMW i3. Its BMW iX xDrive50 is fitted with a high-voltage battery that has an amount in the range of 105.2 (kWh) (gross energy content of 111.5 1 kWh), and the battery unit that is used in the BMW iX xDrive40 has a net energy content of 70 (kWh) (gross energy content of 76.6 (kWh).

The Combined Charging Unit (CCU) within the BMW iX has been designed to provide a flexible charging system. DC power can be absorbed by the board at up to 200 (kW) (BMW iX the xDrive50) and 150 kW (BMW iX xDrive40). The battery’s level of charge to increase from 10% to 80percent in just 35 minutes with the BMW iXxDrive50 model or 31 minutes for the BMW iX xDrive40. The range can be as high as 90 miles on the BMW iX xDrive50 and over 59 miles for the BMW iX xDrive40 can be accomplished in a mere ten minutes when they are connected into the DC high-power station, so provided that there is an initial charge at least 10.

The BMW iX will be produced at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing. The vehicle as well as the battery cells will be produced with green power throughout the board. BMW Group BMW Group procures the cobalt and lithium needed to make High-voltage batteries from controlled suppliers located in Australia in Australia and Morocco and then delivers them to battery cell producers. The design concept for electric motors permits the usage of rare earth metallics within the rotors used in the drive system. Additionally, the company sources aluminum from power generated by solar energy sources.

A large percentage of secondary aluminum and recycled plastic also aid in the eco-friendly production of the BMW iX. The interior is made of hardwoods that are certified FSC, as well as leather tanned using olive leaf extracts, and additional natural substances. Fishing nets that are recycled are among those used as raw material in mats and flooring.

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