Buy EYUVAA Mobile Stand for Table and Bed with Adjustable Height & 360 Degree Rotation for all Smartphones

EYUVAA Mobile Stand label Premium Smart Foldable Mobile Holder for Tablet and Smartphone

Bluetooth Selfie Stick: Take selfies with your EYUVAA Mobile Stand selfie stick in your hand or from far away by placing the tripod on a single spot. You can use it for video as well as taking pictures.

EYUVAA Mobile Stand Product Details

Stable Connection: Bluetooth 3.0 is used to establish a stable and quick connection at a range of 10M/33FT. You don’t have to install any additional APPs on your smartphone. Compatible with all Smartphones.

Flexible Adjustment: Horizontal 360deg Rotation and Vertical 180deg Rotation. Special design reduces the noise of rotating. The length ranges from 186mm/7.32in to 680mm/26.77in. You can easily choose the best angle for each photograph.

Portable and lightweight: The stainless steel stretchable stick and the ABS phone holder are both made from ABS material. To capture moments on the go, slide into a bag

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Bluetooth Home & Travel Are you tired of asking strangers for help to take photos in front of beautiful scenery? Are you tired of missing out on one person to capture group moments? Are you tired of carrying a lot of support when you travel? All of the above can be done with one Eyuvaa wireless tripod selfie stick. It’s a must-have accessory for partying and travel.


EYUVAA Mobile Stand Specifications

1. You can easily switch between tripod stand and selfie stick for your preferred use 2. You can take photos from faraway locations using Bluetooth control 3. For every need, lengths range from 186mm/7.32in to 680mm/26.77in 4. Horizontal 360deg and Vertical 180deg rotations, adjustable for the best angles 5. This phone holder is compatible with all IOS and Android phones 6. It’s lightweight and compact, so it’s easy to pack in your backpack for travel

How do you use it?


1. Unfold the stretchable stick and pull the cellphone holder upwards. 2. Remove the tripod from the base by unrolling it.


1. To turn the Bluetooth remote on, press and hold the button. 2. 2.Open the Bluetooth app on your phone to search for devices. 3. You can select “XIONGTU” from the list to have your pairing completed soon.

EYUVAA Mobile Stand Features

Durable and non-slip PC+ABS Silicon Panel is anti-skid and scratch resistant. It is stable and does not slip under stress.

Thickened Stable Base To increase the weight of the support, there is an alloy and non-slip silicone at the corners.

Multiple Angle and Height Adjustment The height and angle of this cell phone stand holder can be adjusted. The height can be adjusted from 4.3in to 5.7in. Angle is adjustable between 0-135deg. Users have the option of choosing from multiple combinations.

Easy to Fold It is lightweight and foldable so you can make your life easier.

Ergonomic Design Corrects Posture It can correct posture, protect cervical spine, and improve kyphosis with its ergonomic design.

Design without wires The reserved desktop stand with humanized charging port has been designed to allow better video review.

Available in the Box: 1 x EYUVAA Mobile Stand Widely Compatible : This universal phone EYUVAA Mobile stand is compatible with all 4-10.5″ Smartphones, Tablets, and e-readers.

Height and Angle Adjustable : This adjustable desktop cell phone holder holder has an ergonomic design. The height (4.3in5.7in) and angle (0deg135deg), can be adjusted to suit your viewing needs. The phone holder provides a comfortable viewing angle that helps you to maintain a healthy posture. This phone pad allows you to use your video, games and face-time without having to hold it.

Fully Foldable Smartphone Holder Makes Your Life Easier and More Portable : This foldable cell phone stand for iPhone can be folded to a small size, making it easy to transport. This is a great companion for traveling. It’s easy to use the kickstand at the back and watch downloaded movies from the plane.

Humanized Design : The mobile phone holder’s base has a reserved charging hole that allows you to charge your device while it is being used. No matter where the phone or ipad are placed, the groove design is lower that the frame.

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