Future Maserati models to use MC20’s engine tech

Future Maserati models to apply MC20’s engine tech

The Maserati MC20’s new 630hp dual-turbocharged V6 –  the primary engine the employer has produced in-residence in greater than 20 years – could be presented best withinside the supercar, however era from it’ll additionally seem elsewhere.

  • Maserati selected dual-combustion ignition tech over electrification for MC20
  • Grecale small SUV, new GranTurismo, and GranCabrio are below development
  • Refreshed version variety to be added to India

Maserati MC20’s Nettuno V6 engine: key highlights  

Named in connection with the Roman god who stimulated the Italian firm’s trident logo, the Nettuno is being advanced and hand-constructed at the brand new Maserati Engine Lab in Modena.

Producing 630hp and 790Nm of torque, the 3.0-liter engine is completely freed from electrification, and alternatively makes use of a dual-combustion ignition machine to enhance the reaction.

Derived from Formula 1 era, every of the 90-degree-established cylinder capabilities a further pre-chamber containing a 2nd spark plug, in conjunction with a dual-direct-injection machine. Fuel may be fed into each chamber, with the dual sparkplugs permitting every to be fired separately. Maserati says this improves the engine’s reaction whilst additionally lowering gasoline intake and lowering emissions.

The Nettuno has been advanced for the MC20 – with the intention to additionally be presented withinside the destiny with an electric powered powertrain – however Matteo Valentini, Maserati’s lead engineer for high-overall performance petrol engines, stated that it might not be constructed elsewhere.

“The Nettuno is constructed best for the MC20 so that you will see it best on that car,” he stated. “But the plan is that the era from it, especially the dual-combustion machine, could be used on many different engines withinside the destiny.”

Upcoming Maserati fashions: what to expect?

Maserati is presently growing a brand new variety of vehicles, such as the Grecale small SUV and new variations of the GranTurismo and GranCabrio, with the intention to be presented with a variety of petrol and electrified engines. It’s probable that the dual-combustion era could be presented on higher-stop overall performance variations of these fashions.

Maserati failed to specify whether or not powertrains proposing its era will best be presented on its fashions or may also be utilized by different Stellantis brands.

While the pre-chamber era has been utilized in engines previously, Maserati claims the Nettuno is the primary manufacturing street engine to characteristic it and has patented key elements of its era.

A range of rival supercar corporations have become to the electrified hybrid era to boom energy and decrease faster lag, however, Valentini started the pre-chamber era enabled Maserati to preserve a pure-petrol unit.

“When we set the overall performance parameters of the engine, our first desire turned into to boom the dimensions of the turbocharger and introduce a few e-booster to remove the lag,” he stated. “When we analyzed it, we determined that turned into expensive, now no longer very dependable and really complicated.”

“With the pre-chamber era, we may want to generate the overall performance and performance we desired however preserve the equal length of the traditional turbocharger.”

Maserati’s India plans

Maserati has had a small presence in India over the years, however, the employer has clarified that it’ll introduce its refreshed variety in our marketplace on the way to make bigger its footprint. As such, the dual-combustion engine tech may want to take a look at a number of its upcoming fashions in India, further to the MC20 supercar this is anticipated to be released right here around mid-2021. Also anticipated are the Trofeo variations of the Quattroporte sedan and the Levante SUV, with the intention to comply with the up to date Maserati Ghibli sedan that’s simply been delivered at Rs 1.15-1.ninety three crores (ex-showroom, India).

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