LG OLED Evo, QNED Mini LED, Nano Cell, UHD AI ThinQ TVs Launched in India

LG’s 2021 TV lineup includes the OLED Evo range, Nano Cell TV series and UHDAI ThinQ TVs. There are three OLED Evo models: a 55-inch, 65 inch, and 77 inch model. LG will also introduce a new 8K OLED model measuring 88 inches, along with models from the A1, C1, and C1 series. The LG QNED Mini LED range features 8K and 4K models, which are part of the QNED99 series and QNED91 respectively. The new LG UHDAI ThinQ TVs, which are thinner and have a three-sided cinema screen design, are also slimmer. These TV models were first unveiled at CES 2021, January.

India Price List: LG OLED Evo and QNED Mini LED TVs, Nano Cell TVs, UHDAI ThinQ TVs, LG OLED Evo

LG OLED TVs start at Rs. 1,44,990 The LG QNED series begins at Rs. 2,66,990 LG Nanocell TVs are available at Rs. 63,990 and 4K UHD AI ThinQ models at Rs. 50,990 LG India lists some models as “coming soon”, while the LG OLED Evo, B1 and B1 series are currently on sale.

In January, the TV models were unveiled for the first time at CES 2021 along with the webOS 6.0 smart television platform.

Specifications and features of the LG OLED Evo series

The LG OLED Evo series is available in three sizes: 55-inch (65-inch), and 77 inches (77-inch). They have Ultra HD resolution (3,840×2,160 pixels), and are equipped with the Self Lighting Pixels dimming technology. The Alpha9 Gen4 AI 4K processor powers them. It supports HDR, HDR10 Pro and HLG as well as AI 4K upscaling. Models support 120Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync premium, Variable Resfresh Rate (VRR), 1ms reply time, Nvidia Ge-Sync, and many other features. The LG OLED Evo series runs on LG webOS Smart TV and has built-in Alexa and Google Assistant. 60W speakers are included in a 4.2-channel setup with Dolby Atmos.

OLED C1 series are now available in a 48-inch and 55-inch sizes, as well as 65-inch and 65-inch versions. The OLED C1 series is powered by the Alpha 9 Generation 4 AI process, has 4K resolution, and 120Hz refresh speed. They have 40W speakers that can play Dolby Atmos and support Alexa and Google Assistant. The Generation 4 Alpha 7 processor powers the LG OLED series. It also includes Dolby VisionIQ and Atmos. You can choose from 55-inch or 65-inch versions.

Specifications and features of LG QNED Mini LED TV

The QNED99 range and the QNED91 range are available in the LG QNED Mini LED TV series. These TVs are available in three sizes: 65-inch (75-inch), 85-inch (85-inch), and 75-inch (85-inch). These models include 8K and 4-K models, and are equipped with LG’s Quantum Dot NanoCell Technology. These models are powered by Alpha9 Gen 4 AI processors and support 120Hz refresh rate and Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG.

LG Nano Cell TV Series: Specifications, Features

Exclusively for the Indian market, the Nano Cell TV models as well as UHD TV series offer 4K resolution. The Nano Cell TV series comes in six sizes: 43-inch to 50-inch; 55-inch to 65-inch; 65-inch to 75-inch and 85-inch. The LG UHD TV series has seven sizes: 43-inch to 50-inch; 55-inch to 60-inch; 65-inch to 70-inch and 75-inch. They have quad-core processors that can dynamically enhance the sound to create surround sound experiences. The light sensor measures the ambient light and adjusts tone mapping to ensure optimal screen brightness.

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