Nearby Share: Share files between 2 Android phones without any third-party apps or bluetooth

How do we share files between 2 android phones without having to download any third-party apps or bluetooth? Nearby sharing is a feature on the phone.

New Delhi: We keep many different files on our phones in the world of Technology. These files can be shared with others on a daily basis. Although Android phones offer Bluetooth, sharing large files can take more time. We need to install third-party sharing apps on our phones in such cases. These apps take up extra space. Google’s Nearby Share feature was launched for Android phones on August 4, 2020.

What are the Nearby Shares?

Nearby Sharing is a feature that Android phones have that allows you transfer files easily from one Android phone and another Android phone. It doesn’t require any third-party app. Android phones also have Nearby Share, just like Apple’s iPhone. This feature is only available on Android 6.0 or higher operating systems.

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Turn on nearbuy share

  • Nextby Share can be turned on by going to the settings of your phone and selecting Google.
  • Next, click on Device and sharing. The Nearby Share option will be available.
  • Next, click on Nearby Share to customize its settings. Next, choose your Google account name and device name. After you have customized the settings, enable Nearby Share.

File sharing with Nearby Share

  • Click on the file that you wish to share and tap the Share icon.
  • Click on Nearby Share to open all options.
  • Next, turn on Nearby Share at the device you wish to share the file. The phone will search for the closest device after that.
  • Once the search is completed, click on “Device Name” to select the device from which you wish to share the file.
  • Accept the request to receive the file from the device you wish to share it.
  • Once you have completed this step, file sharing will begin and the file will be transmitted in no time.

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