Ola Electric Scooter: Ola’s first electric scooter very close to launch, will run 240 km in full charging, the price will be less

Soon, Ola Electric Scooter will be launched: Ola Electric , is set to launch India’s first electric scooter very soon. The Indian market for two-wheelers has been waiting for this electric scooter for quite some time. The company recently announced the creation the largest network of electric two-wheeler charging stations in the world. The company also announced the launch of its electric scooter and said it would put it on sale in July. The company has already begun installing its “Hypercharger network” in many cities across the country.

In July, Ola Electric Scooter will be on the market

In December 2012, Ola announced it was establishing its first Tamil Nadu electric two-wheeler factory. Bhavish Aggarwal (Group CEO and Chairman of Ola) stated that the factory would be ready in June. It will be able to produce 20 lakh units. We will produce again in the next 12 month…and at the same moment sell. So, the factory will be ready by June and sales will begin in July.”

The largest network of electric two-wheeler charging stations in the world

Ola launched its Ola Hypercharger network during April. Ola claims that this network will be the largest in the world for electric two-wheeler charging, with more than 11,000 charging points. It will be located in 400 cities throughout the country. SoftBank is backing the Ola project. Ola Electric will offer charging facilities to all its customers who own an electric two-wheeler. This charging infrastructure allows Ola Electric Scooter to be charged and all future electric two-wheelers from the company.

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In the first year, 5000 charging points

The company’s major accomplishment is the Hypercharger Network project. Ola stated that the company has installed over 5,000 charging stations in 100 Indian cities within the first year. This is more than twice the amount of existing infrastructure. The Ola Hypercharger network will make it easier for users to locate charging points. Instead, the Ola Electric Scooter can charge quickly.

Driving range

Ola’s upcoming electric scooter is built on the Etergo AppScooter. Ola Cabs purchased Etergo, a Dutch-based electric scooter manufacturer in May 2020. The scooter comes with a high-energy-density, swappable battery pack. The company claims that the scooter can travel up to 240km on full charge. In just 3.9 seconds, the Etergo AppScooter can accelerate to speeds of 45-45 kmph. This electric scooter has a 50-liter storage capacity under the seat.

In Just 50 minutes, you can charge for 75km

The Ola Electric Scooter can be charged to 50% in as little as 18 minutes using the company’s charging network. It can then travel up to 75 km. A home-charger unit is also included with the Ola scooter purchase.

The scooter will be economically viable

It is too soon to speculate on the price of the Ola electric scooter. The FAME II subsidy can be used to help this electric scooter. The subsidy for electric two-wheelers has been increased by the central government to ease the manufacturing burden and encourage faster adoption of electric vehicles in India. The incentive (incentive amount), for purchasing electric two-wheelers has been increased to Rs 15,000 per unit by the Department of Heavy Industries. For all electric vehicles, there was previously a subsidy rate of 10,000. The new subsidy rate for electric vehicles is Rs 5,000/kWh higher than the previous subsidy rate. These include plug-in and strong hybrid vehicles.

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