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Patanjali Chyawanprash is a sixteenth century Yoga Sutra written by Yogi Bhajan. He claims that through reading it, one will learn about the benefits of meditation and be able to use this knowledge in everyday life. The book has become the most popular Yoga book in the West, not only because it contains some excellent and profound information, but also because of its sheer length (340 pages). This makes it easy for anyone to quickly absorb all the information.}

The benefits of Patanjali Chyawanprash are simple to see. Firstly, it lists three primary benefits of meditating. These are clarity of thought, clear perception and inner knowing. It also lists physical benefits such as improved balance and strength and psychological benefits such as increased concentration and awareness.

Meditation is one of the ways to benefit from Patanjali Chyawanprash. This is because pranayama is part of the discipline known as dharma or yoga. Dharana means self-inquiry or self-study. In other words, you will use meditation to investigate yourself. People who meditate use words such as “I know,” “I observe,” “I feel,” and “I see.” These words are part of the mantra they use in chanting the hymns of dharana.

Another benefit of Patanjali Chyawanprash is that it provides guidelines for daily use of pranayama. There are eleven basic types of pranayama and many more variations. They are all meant to remove emotional, psychological and physical blocks so that the ‘Vishnu’ can work in the body. The various benefits of pranayama include purifying the mind and the spirit, improving concentration, relaxing the body, stretching the muscles, and more. However, you only use it on a regular basis and it takes a long time before the ‘Vishnu’ enters the human body.

One of the main benefits of meditation according to Patanjali is that it removes ‘kshu’ or anxiety. Even though we are always surrounded by things to worry about such as work, friends, kids, or housework, we should still try to stay calm and avoid stress. Chanting sutras in the beginning of a busy day can help you stay relaxed. You should not think too much about these things and just allow the thought to pass by itself so that the anxiety will go away.

Meditation is also good to prevent diseases from recurring. One of the biggest benefits of pranayama is that it helps cleanse the body from all the harmful substances found in the environment. The air pollution is one of the biggest threats to health. Air pollution causes stress which increases your chance of getting a disease. By meditating regularly, you can clear your mind of all the worries and stress in life. You will be able to find peace and tranquility that will enable you to live in a better way.

It also improves the overall health of the human body. When you meditate, you will be able to reduce your heart rate and blood pressure as well as increase the production of ‘shakti’. Shakti is the energy that helps move the body and keep it healthy. These are some of the main benefits of pranayama. When you use this method of meditation, you are able to release the ‘kshi’ or the toxins in your body through sweating.

Patanjali has explained the benefits of meditation according to Yoga in a lot of depth. He has explained the philosophy behind Yoga and he has written books on the subject. If you want to understand the psychology of Yoga better, then you should read at least one book on Yoga and its benefits. A lot of people have benefitted from reading these books and have experienced great benefits from it.

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