PreSonus Eris E5 XT 5.25 Near Field Studio Monitor for guitar.

What to Expect When Purchasing a PreSonus E5Xt Range

PreSonus Eris EP5 is a professional quality range of monitors from the company. This range is used in many professional recording studios around the world as well as in the music industry. This monitor features a front output port and a balanced XLR input so it can be used with all the major mixers and speakers. It also features a front input card that will accept an easy to change adaptor.

The Eris EP5 range has been specifically designed for professional musicians and sound engineers. It is not a DJ or music player; rather it is a professional studio monitor that is designed to give you crystal clear quality monitoring with a wide range of frequencies and levels. The monitor has an easy to operate interface with knobs that are easily accessible for the convenience of the user. It comes with a line out port and XLR input as standard but can also be configured to accept other popular sound cards including those on the market today.

The pre-recorded audio also has a microphone input with two separate channels. An effect slot is also present which allows the use of external effects like reverb and chorus. For the purposes of mixing, a compressor is also incorporated within the mixer. You can connect the mixer to your computer through a USB port or FireWire.

In addition to these, there is also a subwoofer channel included in this monitor system. A special crossover is also present, so as to provide the best possible audio performance and make sure that all sounds come out cleanly and evenly. The PreSonus Eris EP5 monitor has been built to last and is very hardy. It has a five year warranty, which is why it is a good investment for your studio. This monitor also has a very long range and can handle frequencies up to 200 KHZ.

To enhance sound quality even further, there are also some extra features that you can expect in the PreSonus Eris EP5 monitor system. Some models come with an “easy touch” feature. This feature allows the user to set up an individual signal source for each instrument in the rack. Some models come with an additional “stereo” mode. This mode will allow you to send two signal sources to one speaker.

PreSonus has put together a very high quality sounding monitor. They have used the latest technologies and combined them with years of experience and knowledge. This is what makes their products always top of the list. If you are considering getting Monitors, then take a look at PreSonus E5Xt range. You will not be disappointed by the price or the performance.

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