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How the ZenFone 2 Compatible With AMD’s FX Series of Processors

Recently AMD introduced two new processors to the market called the AMD Zen and the AMD Ryzen. The main difference between these two processors is the number of cores and they can run at different speeds. Many people have asked the question, which is the best processor for gaming? I have tried both the Zen and the Ryzen and here are my results.

When it comes to the question of which is the best processor for gaming, the Zen does have the edge over the older ryzen processors. The two processors have roughly the same number of cores, but the way in which the cores are arranged is different. There is less space on the die where the cores sit, so there are more fins that can trap more cores on one die. This means that there are six cores on the Zen and seven on the older ryzen processors.

When it comes to overclocking these two new AMD processor models, the two perform about the same. The only real difference is with the clock speeds. Each has three clocks for each core, which is a big departure from how other AMD products are set up. With overclocking you will be able to push both of these processors to their full potential and should be able to get much more out of them. Clock speeds are really not that important in gaming and with the quality of the overclocking you can expect about four to five times the performance of the stock processor.

These two processor designs from AMD stand out as being very high-end. They offer extremely high core speeds and also a large amount of memory. They are also priced very competitively so you shouldn’t have too many problems finding a good chip to fit into your budget. With the price tag that they have they are definitely within the budget of most gamers.

When it comes to searching for an overclocking processor, one that can overclock the Zen based APU’s is the FX roundup. The FX series has been known to be extremely powerful when overclocked. For those who aren’t sure if they want to spend the money on a new processor, the FX-series offers a great solution. It offers high-end core speeds and also a large amount of memory space. The FX-series also has the best memory frequency so you shouldn’t have any problems getting your system to run at its optimal speeds.

The other option is the quad core AMD CPU. The RYZEN series can be found with three options. These include the high-end RYZEN 5 5600x and the ultra high-end RYZEN XE. They offer high-end performance but the standard price is lower than any of the others.

If you are looking to overclock your ryzen desktop cpus, the best options for doing so are the overclocking FX series. The FX series will overclock the processor cores to their maximum level without creating negative consequences with your electricity bill. Many other manufacturers have similar offerings but the price of these overclocking FX units is much higher.

The amount of cores that a processor has is going to be directly related to the amount of total threads that it has. If you are looking for a processor that has four threads and is going to handle gaming workloads, then you might want to go with the five and six core units that the FX series offers. But if you are just looking to increase the processing speed of your processor by a few percent then you should go with the two core and three threads units. Each of these will get you a slight increase in processing speed but not enough to make any significant difference in gaming workloads. Overclocking your processor gives you the ability to put more threads into each core, which increases processing speed substantially.

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