What is e-RUPI? PM Modi launches digital payment solution e-RUPI India

The E-rupi is a revolutionary health and wellness device that offer the consumers the best options in terms of oral care. This oral care product comes with a number of advantages such as enabling the people to gain back their normal self and preventing diseases and other ailments that can affect one’s mouth. The device works on the principle of creating vibrations around the teeth and gums that increase the blood flow to the area. This blood flow helps to remove the bacteria and other harmful agents from the gums and teeth.

E-Rupi Launched date

The first version of the e-rupi was introduced by the prime minister of Madagascar, Mr. Antony Ravalillas, in 2021. The e-rupi was designed to support the people in maintaining good oral hygiene. It was soon followed by the introduction of the electronic cash register called the e-Coup. With this new version of the product, the use of a credit or debit card is required for making the payments instead of using the conventional method of making a one-time payment.

E-Rupi Benefits

The e-rupi is an example of the revolutionary technology called biometric authentication. The e-Coup was developed to provide the users with the most secure and leak-proof delivery of the digital payments. The delivery is guaranteed by the biometric technology referred to as fingerprints and iris scans. This technology provides the beneficiary with the assurance that the person who has issued the digital payment solution is the beneficiary.

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