Want a water filter for your home? This article will help you find a water filter for home that meets your requirements. There are many water filters online in Singapore for you to choose from. Most of them have been certified by the water authority and meet various government standards. Read on to learn more about some of these water filters.

Best Water Purifier for the Home: Consumer Reports. This is probably the highest quality gravity water filtration system available in the market. Get the upgrade model without the dreaded PF2 Fluoride filters here. You also get a high grade multi-stage sub micron filtration system with this water filters.

Better Than Reverse Osmosis: This water filter system was developed by Osmosis Corporation. However, the National Sanitation Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency has deemed the method of reverse osmosis as inadequate for purpose of removing contaminants from water. The contaminants are trapped in a semi-permeable membrane which is much smaller than the pores of water found in the osmotic membrane. When the water passes through this membrane, the contaminants do not dissolve. This type of water filter system can remove salt, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, minerals like sulfur, potassium and magnesium.

Better Than Point of Use: This water filter is highly effective in removing most of the contaminants above the point of use. It works by allowing the water to flow freely over its internal parts, while removing the contaminants that it comes in contact with. This water filter system uses a semi-permeable membrane for this purpose. The impurities are trapped in the porous structure of the membrane. Through the use of a Activated Carbon Filter, alkaline chemicals such as sulfur and hydrogen sulfide are trapped.

Healthier: Drinking water filters that utilize Activated Carbon Filters in conjunction with other technologies prove to be healthier than boiling and using distillers. Distillers tend to boil water with the hopes of sanitizing it. While this is good for sanitizing the water, it does not kill all the harmful microorganisms and viruses in it. The same can be said about whole-house water filters.

Reduced Odor: Another reason to invest in a whole-house filtration system is because of the fact that it reduces the unpleasant smell coming from tap water. It is bad enough when you drink water straight from the tap, but imagine having to drink it every day. This is where a water filter for home comes in handy. Now, instead of having to deal with the bad smell coming from your faucet, you have the ability to eliminate it completely with a simple water filter for home installation.

Reduced Contamination From Tainted Water: If you are like me, chances are that your water has some level of tannin. This is a natural mineral found in tea, coffee, wine, and other foods. Unfortunately, there are a lot of pollutants in the water supply, and some tannic water is more than others. One such pollutant is tds. The acronym stands for Trihalomethanes, and these are a byproduct of the chlorine treatment process.

With the above information, it is easy to see why investing in a water filtration system is not only good for your health and well being, but also your bank account. The best water filter singapore is made up of two parts – the activated carbon filter and the ion exchange system. The first part of the setup removes the impurities while the second works to balance out the minerals found in your drinking water. This means that your water will be cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable to drink.